Advantages to Non Profit Organizations  

 Advantages to Non-Profit Organizations

advantages to npo


Passive funds: Your NPO’s redeemed Rebates are passively generated by your supporters through their shopping at Club Merchants anywhere in the world. The Residual Rebates generated by Members’ shopping will create a new source of revenue. 
Time Effectiveness: Fund raising projects take up a lot of time and energy both in man power and resources. Committee establishment and risk management depending on the project could quash the project entirely.  
Cash flow: Once established, Rebates will create a monthly cash flow that will grow over time as more new Members join the Club through your NPO. 
Accelerating funds: Experience perpetual growth and accelerating Residual Rebates as you and your supporters invite others to join the Club, whose collective shopping generates accelerating cash-back Rebates for themselves and for your NPO 
Minimal involvement: Your supporters join as Members via your NPO’s replicated WSC website and the Club’s proprietary Residual Rebate System© tracks all transactions between Members and Merchants. Members are invited to participate in Club meetings and events, yet attendance is not mandatory.
Minimal training is required and no volunteer burnout. Your supporters check the WSC website to find Merchants to shop at and Rebate offers, and thenshop for the products and services they like
NPO's will not have to ask your supporters to shop each month because those Members will be motivated to support WSC Merchants in order to qualify for and receive their own monthly cash-back Rebates. NPO membership will not be a burden on staff and volunteer resources as no traditional fundraising activities are required. 
 New financial donors: The Club provides a creative way to attract new donors for your NPO. People will be able to contribute passively, simply by redirecting some of their monthly spending from big-box stores to WSC Merchants – not additional money, just money they spend anyway. 
This is a unique opportunity for your volunteers and non-financial supporters to provide passive funding! Imagine receiving passive funds from your volunteers, because they redirect their shopping to local small businesses AND improve their cash flow at the same time.
No competition with existing fundraising: This passive-giving program is a unique initiative and thinks outside the traditional fundraising box. It does not conflict with your existing programs because Members’ shopping does not compete with any of your NPO’s existing campaigns, events, sponsorships, etc. Everyone needs to shop. 
No tax receipts: Rebates from Members' shopping are pooled and distributed to the Club Members and the NPO they support. Issuing tax receipts is not required. 
No risk: There is absolutely no cost for an NPO to join the WSC.  Rebates are recession-proof as Members will continue to shop for their everyday needs. They support their NPO by simply shopping for their everyday needs. This is passive fundraising at its best, and what makes the WSC so unique 
You have the option to invite more supporters to become Members to both increase your Rebates and to ensure that you always have three active Members in place to receive Rebates. 
Your NPO’s revenue grows while the expense line stays flat. Your organization is not required to shop at WSC Merchants, although you have the option to do so and redeem more cash-back Rebates while supporting local Merchants.   
  • There is no cost for a NPO to join the Worldwide Shoppers Club.

  • The NPO requires 3 active Members to begin generating Rebates each month.

  • Passive fundraising for the 21st century.

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