Member FAQs all you need to know

How do I become a Member?

Contact the person who introduced you to the Club for help, or simply click JOIN at the top of this website.

What is an active Member'?

An active Member pays their Membership Fee and generates $10USD in personal-shopping Rebates each month from shopping at WSC Merchants.

What is included in my membership?

You receive: 
A Welcome email with your WSC Membership ID when you complete your Member application. 
A digital Membership Card and QR Code to present to Merchants, to track your purchases and Rebates.
Your own replicated WSC website to invite friends and family to join the Club; 
Internet log-in to your own WSC website dashboard to monitor Club activities, Rebates and your Membership.
Access to Club resources such as documents, videos and webinars.
Access to our Digital Clubhouse and Chat Room to connect with fellow Members.
Opportunities to attend Club meetings and events.
Accelerating Rebates generated from your personal shopping and the shopping of your fellow Members.
Participate in the Global Rebate Pool.
Special discounts and deals provided exclusively to WSC Members only from participating Merchants and Service Providers. 
You are invited to attend Member Events such as shopping sprees, which are a fun way to socialize and redeem cash-back Rebates, while meeting and shopping at local Merchants in your community!


How do I generate Rebates?

Simply redirect some of your monthly spending from big-box stores to WSC Merchants – not additional money, just money you spend anyway. Members redeem accelerating Residual Rebates when you invite Members who become active. The Rebates redeemed are based on the number of Members in your Shopping Group and the volume of shopping they do at WSC Merchants during the current month.

Are there any fees payable to become a Member, and if so, what are they used for?

Members pay Membership Fees to pay for the operation of the Club. We have two types of 
WSC Memberships:   
  • Global–Membership Fee is $25USD per month, and 
  • Shopping – Membership Fee is $25USD for six months.
By inviting 3 active Members to join, you will have completed your Shopping Circle. This immediately qualifies you for a $25USD monthly Rebate to credit your Membership Fee.   Invite 3 and set yourself free!

Why are there fees if this is not-for-profit Club?

We as members share in the costs to help grow the Club by paying a small monthly membership Fee. (However, invite 3, who become active Members - and your membership is free each month)
The fees paid by Members helps to offset the monthly cost of operations which include paying   for multiple dedicated servers positioned around the world to ensure seamless operations and handle the continual growth, ongoing website upgrades, webinars, advertising, and many other costs needed to maintain the Club in good standing. 
Further costs include the creation of collateral material, videos and new and better components for Members to receive more Rebates. Also costing in the hundreds of thousands of dollars is the customized tracking system that is unique to WSC.  Lastly and most importantly, costing in the millions of dollars is the customized proprietary software, uniquely designed specifically for the Club that simplifies the extremely complicated and complex internal operations to make the entire system function effortlessly, seamlessly and transparently. 

For convenience, can I pay more than one monthly Membership Fee at a time and will I receive a confirmation?

Yes. You can login to your WSC Dashboard and pay up to 12 months of Membership Fees at a time. A record of your payment transactions will appear on your WSC website dashboard. 

What day of the month are Membership Fees due?

Your first month`s Membership Fee is payable when you complete your application.
Subsequent monthly Membership Fees are due at the beginning of each calendar month. A Membership Fee Credit will apply when you invite 3 Members who become active.

Are there any receipts of payments provided?

A record of your Membership Fee payment transactions will appear on your WSC website dashboard.

How long is my membership good for?

Your Membership is valid as long as you are an Active Member in good standing.

Is there a way to help get more Merchants registered in my community?

We encourage new members to provide suggestions of their favorite small local business they shop at. You can speak with the Member who invited you to join, or create a Support Ticket in your Dashboard and send the business name and contact information to the Club. We will contact that business with one of our Merchant Allocators. or, you may become a Merchant Allocator to invite new Merchants to the Club. The Club provides you with resources and training to help you invite small businesses you would like to support.