Why Become a Member  

Why Become a Member

Do you shop for goods and services for your basic necessities and more?

Do you like to redeem loyalty points?

Would you like to receive cash-back Rebates from your everyday shopping?

You receive residual bills. Why not receive residual Rebates?

If your dream is to pay your mortgage or rent, travel, pay tuition, have more cash flow than your
monthly expenditures, or even retire early...

The Club Everyone Should Join.
The Club is for everyone and anyone who chooses to become a Member so they can utilize a
system designed specifically to help them enjoy a better life.

Imagine having the financial liberty to do what you want when you want. Redeeming accelerating
cash-back rebates can give you the opportunity to exceed your monthly expenditures by
hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

The Worldwide Shoppers Club is a not-for-profit private membership Club which offers a loyalty
program that rewards Members for shopping at small local businesses.

Membership has Huge Advantages
The single largest advantage is the Club's proprietary Residual Rebate System©***
whereby Members receive cash-back rebates from redirecting their spending – money they
spend anyway – to WSC Merchants, in turn, creating financial liberty for Members and
Merchants alike. Our ever-expanding global network of participating Merchants provides the
widest range of products and services at the highest Rebates possible.

The Club’s purpose is to create community prosperity by enhancing Members’ finances and

*** (see Residual Rebate System page for more information)

Why our Not-for-Profit and Non-Registered Status is Important
Not-for-Profit means 100% of the Rebates are distributed each month. All active Members
share in all of the Rebates as there is no President, CEO, CFO or Board of Directors usurping
the profits. Members are the Club!

Non-Registered means the Club can maintain a private status and does no commerce with
anyone including our Members as the Club cannot make any profit due to our not-for-profit

As a non-registered not-for-profit, private membership Club, our mandate is to give back
completely to our Members, Merchants and local Communities.

Generate Cash-Back Rebates
Simply redirect some of your monthly spending from big-box stores to WSC Merchants– not
additional money, just money you spend anyway.

For example: by purchasing groceries, dining at restaurants, getting a haircut, going to a local
coffeehouse, hiring a plumber or a window cleaner – YOU redeem cash-back Rebates while
you shop local.

By shopping at WSC Merchants you help to support small businesses who struggle to survive
with the competition of the big-box stores.

Wherever you live, your dollars spent at local small businesses stays in the community helping
them to thrive.

You can redeem Rebates for some, all or more than you’re spending right now.

Social Networking and the Ripple Effect
You have the option to invite more supporters to become Members to both increase your
Rebates and to ensure that you always have three active Members whose generated Rebates
reimburse your membership fees. More, means more – more Members means more Rebates
for all active Members to share in.

Members may redeem personal-shopping Rebates and Residual Rebates from the shopping of
Members whom they invite to join. Accelerating Rebates can give you the financial liberty to
enjoy life.

Imagine the possibilities as your Shopping Circle grows and expands into a Shopping Group.
The inevitability of growth occurs when as an active Member with your completed
Shopping Circle of 3 personally-invited active Members also invite people to become active

join us

join shop redeem and invite 3 to join shop redeem

It’s so easy!