Members Accepted Globally  

Members Accepted Globally
The Club’s unique state-of-the-art Rebate Tracking System gives you accumulated cash-back
from your everyday spending.  Present your personal electronic Membership Card or QR Code
to WSC Merchants to verify your WSC Membership. When you make your purchase,the system
will automatically track your accumulated Rebates. It is easy to generate your minimum monthly
requirement of $10USD in Rebates!

Simply redirect some of your monthly spending – using your country's currency – from big-box
stores to the small businesses who have become WSC Merchants!

Members commit to generating a minimum of $10USD each month in personal-shopping
Rebates. Your personal QR Code will track the Rebates that you’ve created and the amount
redeemed every month. It’s all tracked and calculated for you.

New Merchants join the Club every day! The Worldwide Shoppers Club provides greater
shopping diversity by continually adding more small businesses across the globe to our
Merchant directory to best accommodate all the shopping needs of our membership.

As an active Member, you:
  • Receive Residual Rebates in US Dollars by your participation in the Global Rebate Pool.
  • Receive your personal-shopping Rebates.
  • These contribute to the Global Rebate Pool, as your single personal-shopping total generated Rebate.
  • At a minimum you will receive a 50% Rebate of this total from the Global Rebate Pool.
  • As this total grows, you qualify for higher overage sub-pools, a key determining factor in the
    Residual Rebates which you can receive from the Global Rebate Pool.
  • The other factors are your creation of a Shopping Circle and the size and structure of your
    Shopping Group.

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