Membership at a Glance  

Welcome to the Worldwide Shoppers Club! 
  • An active Global Member receives Residual Rebates calulated in US Dollars by their participation in the Global Rebate Pool.
  • Their personal-shopping Rebates contribute to the Global Rebate Pool as a single personal-shopping total generated Rebate for the Member.
  • At a minimum they will receive a 50% Rebate of this total from the Global Pool.
  • As this total grows, the Global Member qualifies for higher overage sub-pools, a key determining factor in the Residual Rebates which they can receive from the Global Rebate Pool..
  • The other factors are their creation of a Shopping Circle and the size and structure of their Shopping Group 
    Members At A Glance

Global Rebate

.* Members receive credit to receive free Membership Fees in months when 3 of their personally-invited Active Members each generate Rebates from their personal shopping.
In months where the inviting Member does not have 3 personally-invited Active Members in their Shopping Group, their Membership Fee must be paid.

Active Member: To receive Rebates, Members must be active by meeting their monthly Membership Fee requirement and generating $10USD in personal-shopping Rebates.

Digital Currency: Members have the option to pay Membership Fees and shop at Merchants using digital currency.

The digital currency adopted by the Club is easy to use at brick-and-mortar stores. Plus, transaction fees are extremely low: the sender pays pennies and the receiver pays zero.

Our unique closed-loop economy is the perfect vehicle to take advantage of digital currency.

Imagine the possibilities …

Member Potential Rebates Chart

Welcome Aboard!

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