Merchant Advantages  

Merchant Advantages
In exchange for offering a Rebate to the Club, you will see many advantages:                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • You gain a growing, loyal customer base of WSC Members eager to support your
    business... Members who can become repeat customers.
  • Free digital and mobile marketing.
  • Free advertising on the WSC website to showcase your business.
  • A dedicated Merchant page on the WSC website and WSC app with your business
    description, photos, address, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), geo-mapping
    business locator, etc.
  • A direct link to your business website and exposure through social media and Club
  • Free banner ad plus a listing in your business category and WSC Merchant decals
    for your front door and counter.
  • Promotion of your business through Club meetings and special events.
  • An easy to use Rebate tracking system.
  • You have the option to post (after WSC approval) a 1-2 minute video commercial
    on your Merchant page.
  • The option to use digital currency to reduce your transaction fees. 
Eager Members are looking to spend at WSC Merchants because of our unique cash-
back Rebate system which reimburses a portion of Members’ money spent. Our WSC
system is designed to increase your sales and your purchasing volume, while promoting
customer loyalty.
Merchants have the option to participate in the upgraded Premium Merchant program
which provides:
  • Customized banner ads.
  • A premium location on the WSC website and
  • Enhanced media exposure.
Create Additional Cash Flow
As a Premium Merchant, you may introduce your customers to become WSC Members.
When your customers join and become active Members you, the Merchant, receive a
percentage of the sales generated every time those Members shop at other WSC
Merchants, which in turn creates a secondary cash flow stream for you, the inviting
Merchants must meet certain guidelines, such as being a reputable small to medium-sized
business with fewer than 100 employees.

Rebates vs Deep-Discount Coupons
Discount coupon programs offer a one-time deep discount. This significantly cuts into your
profit margins. Once you give the discount, the customer is gone until you offer another
deep discount.

The WSC helps its Merchants gain more loyal customers and increase your sales. Our
Members are Rebate driven, not discount driven !
When active WSC Members redirect their spending from big-box stores to Club
Merchants, they receive generous Rebates so they want to spend more with our
Our Members are Rebate driven – not discount driven.



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