Merchant FAQ  

What types of businesses qualify to become a Merchant?

WSC is designed to support small- to medium-size businesses: stores, service providers  and online businesses, which employ up to 100 people per (for example: restaurants, car    mechanics, hair salons, food stores, lawn care, dry cleaners, clothing stores,chiropractors, nail salons, home renovations, bowling alleys, golf courses, etc.)

Are Merchants considered WSC Members?

No, they are not.  There is a different set of requirements to be considered a Member of WSC. However, Merchants are welcome to join as Members to take advantage of the Rebates and all that WSC has to offer.

What is the cost to become a Club Merchant?

Merchants can join for free. There are no annual dues, no monthly fees or setup charges to join WSC.  There is NO RISK. As a WSC Merchant, you offer an agreed upon Rebate to the Club which takes place only after the sale has been completed. The WSC recognizesthat profit margins vary by industry. You decide what Rebate percentage you  will offer.
You receive a Rebate invoice in the month following any Rebate transactions between your business and WSC Members. Merchants have 30 days to pay their Rebate invoice.

What is a Rebate transaction?

At the time of purchase, the Member presents their Membership Card.
  • Conduct your sales transaction using the payment system you have in place
  • Enter a Rebate transaction:
  • Log into your Merchant website using a computer, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Click the Enter Transactions link.
  • Enter the Member ID number and pre-tax sale amount. 
That's takes just seconds!

How long is the term of the Merchant Agreement?

There is no defined Merchant Agreement length of term. Since there is no out-of-pocket expense to be a WSC Merchant, it is to your advantage to remain associated with the Club. As long as you are a Merchant in good standing, you are a Merchant for as long as you choose.

Does the Club offer Merchants any exclusivity (geographic, category, etc.)?

No. While there is no exclusivity, the WSC will not saturate the market in your area. TheClub wants to provide its Members with a wide variety of Merchants at which to shop.Members are free to make their own shopping decisions. For example, if there are four flower shops in your area, the WSC would invite no more than two flower shops tobecome Merchants.

Can a Merchant include or exclude products or services they offer?

Yes. For example: a Merchant may offer flooring with a Rebate percentage, and exclude manual labour, or offer a smaller percentage in Rebates for labour. You know your business best and what your profit margins are; we are here to support you and promote what you know you can offer. 

Does a Merchant have to issue a Rebate to the Club?

Yes, it is the commitment Merchants make in exchange for promotion and WSC Members’ patronage.
A small percentage of the sale that is defined by the Merchant, and what we call a Rebate is paid after a Member purchases products or services from your business. Rebates are tax deductible, and there is no out-of-pocket expense! 
Merchants are in full control of the Rebate they offer and can change the % at any time. Rebate percentages under 10% will need to be reviewed by the Club for approval.
As a Merchant, you do not spend a single advertising dollar to obtain this loyalty. Most businesses have an advertising budget of 10-15% of their sales. Another advantage for Merchants: tax-deductible Rebates can save you money.
WSC Members are looking to redeem higher-percentage Rebates to go into the Global Rebate Pool. This enables Members to receive accelerating Rebates and the ability to continue to shop.

Do Merchants have the flexibility to choose how and when they will offer Rebates?

Absolutely, the WSC wants to support your business. As a Merchant, you decide which  products or services are, and are not, included in your Rebate offer to the Club.   Restaurants may choose to recognize WSC Members’ Cards only on certain days of the week.Your offer is posted on your Merchant website page. 

How much training is involved?

The system is simple to use so minimal training is required. The WSC Member who  invites you to join will walk you through your Merchant dashboard and show you how easyit is to enter a Rebate transaction, which takes only seconds.

Can Merchants change their Rebate amount?

Absolutely. You may increase or decrease your Rebate percentage at any time. Club approval is necessary to decrease your Rebate below 10%. The Club recognizes that profit margins vary by industry and supports Merchants in a Rebate you can afford. In the SHOP Merchant directory, your Rebate-offer amount is listed beside your business and categorized by color: 
•         blue – less than 10%, 
•         black – 10%,
•         gold – more than 10%
WSC Members are looking to redeem higher-percentage Rebates to go into the Global   Rebate Pool. This enables Members to receive accelerating Rebates and the ability tocontinue to shop.


Why will WSC Members support Club Merchants when they can get discounts through coupon companies?

Discount coupon programs offer a one-time deep discount. This significantly cuts into your  profit margins. Once you give the discount, the customer is gone until you offer another deep discount.
The WSC helps its Merchants gain more loyal customers and increase sales. Our Members are Rebate driven, not discount driven!   When active WSC Members redirect their spending from big-box stores to Club Merchants, they receive generous Rebates so they can spend even more with our Merchants.


Can the Club help a Merchant generate more business/sales?

Most definitely! The WSC promotes Merchants through events, meetings and social media.WSC Members community leaders host events such as Merchant Fairs and social events to provide exposure for local WSC Merchants.
A Shopping Spree is an event hosted by Group Leaders where Members are invited to visit and shop as a group at a variety of WSC Merchants. Imagine 50 Members dropping into your establishment, eager to make purchases. 

What currencies does the Club accept?

Conduct your sales transactions as usual in your country’s currency, then 
  • Enter Rebate transactions also in your country’s currency. 
  • The Rebate tracking system instantly converts the Rebate into US currency, the global standard.
Merchants may use crypto currency used by the Club called Mercatorcoin (XMC):
  • XMC has a US-dollar value – no currency exchange.
  • Accept XMC from Members on purchases or use it to pay your invoice.
  • You have the option to accept XMC as full or partial payment from Members.
  • You pay zero transaction fees when receiving XMC.
  • Save – XMC costs pennies to send compared to using payment processors.