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40 %

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IPTV ~ the future is here! Modern entertainment at its best!

 Fully powered by digital currency!


What is IPTV?

Internet Protocol TeleVision is basically the same product you already know as digital TV. It uses the internet to get the channels streamed from TV stations right to your home.

Our service uses the latest technology to provide you with high quality signals. The quality of your internet connection however is still important to optimally enjoy our services.

We carefully selected the best Android based TV boxes for you and customized them with the apps that deliver great user experience and ease of use.


  • TV that is compatible to HDMI
  • high speed Internet
  • Enough bandwidth for standard TV 5 MBPS
  • HD channels minimum 10 MBPS


We've got movies and channels galore...

3000+ channels from 30+ countries... Below is a small sample from the channels you will find in the lists: