Non-Profit Organizations 

Today’s Challenge 

Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) report an increase in demand related to an economic downturn, while their supporters experience drops in both take-home pay and disposable income over the same period. NPOs, regardless of their size, have two things in common – they play important roles in our communities and they are dependent on volunteers and funding sources. 
Supporters and volunteers have less time available to help NPOs. Yet, without community financial support, many NPOs would not exist at a time when their needs are, arguably, the greatest.  


The Fundraising advantage               
Fundraising Advantage 
The Worldwide Shoppers Club offers a revolutionary fundraising program, which provides advantages for the NPO, its supporters and the community. Non-Profits need a dependable, steady, risk-adverse source of funding to plan for the future.   
What if a Non-Profit Organization, regardless of location, size, mission and strength (volunteer and financial) could add a new fundraising program based on the everyday needs of ALL its supporters?
Imagine a fundraising program that: 
  • requires minimal staff/volunteer involvement. 
  • provides limitless funding potential. 
  • offers your NPO’s supporters financial liberty. 
  • enhances the vitality of merchants in their local communities. 
 All without risk and no donor burnout! 
The WSC provides a fundraising breakthrough, offering the potential to achieve new levels of financial sustainability. The WSC’s Residual Rebate System©provides NPOs with an opportunity to generate ongoing limitless passive funds
Your NPO’s Rebate cash flow is generated from your supporters shopping for their everyday needs at Club Merchants in their local communities. Club Members simply divert some of their monthly spending from big-box stores to WSC Merchants, which creates generous cash-back Rebates for themselves and their favorite NPO with every purchase they make!

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Y's Choice Wellness Centre is a merchant with WSC and we're excited to have been able to pay our 1st invoices...yeah, more rebates for our clients!
It was the easiest process...looked at the first invoice, clicked on the payment gateway and was able to include all of the invoices in one payment! Checked out the invoices a few minutes later and they all were stamped 'Invoice Paid' can't get any easier than that! Love WSC:))
Yvonne Affleck, Y's Choice Wellness Centre
"In my opinion, ...I Believe that this Club is the Light at the end of the Tunnel ...I have personally been affiliated in other Opportunities, but this one, is the one that has attracted the interest of my Children and their families  ...Together we are following the Light" ! 
Thank You Worldwide Shoppers Club!
Linda Peterson - Red Deer Alberta, Canada