How it Works  

How It Works

NPO Joins 
A Non-Profit Organization (NPO) joins the Worldwide Shoppers Club as an entity and must have 3 supporters ready to join as Members when the NPO joins. The NPO is immediately issued a replicated Club website, digital Membership Card and QR Code. We encourage the NPO to invite all of its supporters to become active members in WSC through the NPO to quickly build momentum in creating accelerated rebates for the NPO.
The initial 3 supporters join the Club as Members via the NPO’s replicated website. When the 3 supporters pay their Membership Fees and each generate a minimum $10USD monthly personal-shopping Rebate at WSC Merchants each month, they are considered active Members. This completes the NPO’s Shopping Circle, and begins the generation of Rebates by the NPO's active Members. 
NPO Redeems Residual Rebates 
The NPO redeems residual Rebates from the Global Rebate Pool. The WSC’s Rebate Pool System allows Members, including NPOs, to review Rebates accumulated through their own shopping, and the shopping of active Members in the NPO’s Shopping Group.
Here are examples based on your NPO’s 3 active Members accumulated personal shopping Rebates in a given month. As your Shopping Group grows, your NPO’s residual Rebates will accelerate. 
Example 1:   
  • Member 1 has accumulated $50 in Rebates, and  is in the $50 Rebate Pool  
  • Member 2 has $30 in Rebates, and is in the $30 Rebate Pool  
  • Member 3 has $20 in Rebates, and is in the $20 Rebate Pool  
 The NPO will receive Rebates from the $20 Rebate Pool. 
Example 2:   
  • Member 3 has accumulated $40 in Rebates is in the $40 Rebate Pool 
  • Member 1 has $20 in Rebates, and is in the $20 Rebate Pool 
  • Member 2 has $10 in Rebates, is in the $10 Rebate Pool 
 The NPO will receive Rebates based on the $10 Rebate Pool. 
Example 3: 
  • Members 1, 2 and 3 each accumulate $50 in Rebates in a given month.  
 The NPO will receive Rebates based on the $50 Rebate Pool. 
Your NPO will receive Rebates based on the lowest accumulated personal-shopping Rebates of your 3 active Members. 
Maintain Active Membership
The NPO shares in a portion of the Rebates generated through its supporting Members’ shopping at businesses in the Club’s global Merchant network.
Your 3 supporters must all remain as active Members each month. Active Members pay their Membership Fee and generate a minimum of $10USD in personal-shopping Rebates each month. Your NPO’s growing Shopping Group and your Group’s increased shopping results in more Rebates for your NPO and your supporters.
Your NPO has the option to invite more than 3 Members to your Shopping Group to ensure you always have 3 active Members to receive accelerating Rebates. The NPO is not required to shop.
Supporters Maintain Their Active Membership
Your supporters/active Members may invite people to join the Club. Doing so creates the potential for larger cash-back Rebates for themselves and your NPO. Your Members receive a Membership Fee Credit and more when they invite a minimum of 3 active Members to their Shopping Groups. 
Active Members redeem personal-shopping Rebates and Residual Rebates from the shopping of Members whom they invite to join. Members can redeem Rebates which can exceed their monthly expenditures.  
Your NPO also redeems Residual Rebates from these growing Shopping Groups. 
Social Networking and the Ripple Effect
You have the option to invite more new Members to both increase your Rebates and to ensure that you always have three active Members in your Shopping Group. This allows your NPO to remain in active status to receive Rebates. As more of your supporters become active Members, both their and the NPOs Rebates will increase.
Members may redeem personal-shopping Rebates and Residual Rebates from the shopping of Members whom they invite to join. Accelerating Rebates can give your supporters the financial liberty to enjoy life. 
Imagine the potential of rebates as each of your supporters in the NPO that have become active members begin to invite their family and friends and your Shopping Group begins to grow exponentially 

 join shop redeem and invite 3 to join shop redeem


For the purpose of demonstration, this chart is an excerpt of the possible Residual Rebates at varying amounts of active Members. Individual results will vary based on the Shopping Group structure.
This is passive giving at its best – Residual Rebates for both your NPO and your supporters! 
Promotional Materials
The Club has NPO-specific materials on the website and in its Resource Center which the NPO may use to effortlessly promote WSC passive fundraising to its supporters. Members, Merchants and NPOs may create their own promotional materials, subject to WSC approval.

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join shop redeem and invite 3 to join shop redeem

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