Advantages to NPO Supporters  

Advantages to NPO Supporters

advantage to npo supporters

Passive giving: Your Members support your NPO through shopping for their everyday needs. Rebates are collected into the Global Rebate Pool and distributed to all active Members, including your supporters and your organization. 
Cash-back Rebates: Members redeem cash-back Rebates on their everyday purchases by presenting their Club Membership Card to WSC Merchants.  
Know Your Merchant: Club events such as Member/Merchant gatherings where Members meet the Merchants who feature their products and services in a fun way to socialize and introduce Merchants to our membership! 
Shopping Sprees: Multiple Members gather in a convoy or bus to drop in on Merchants just to shop and create more rebates. (Imagine the delight of a Merchant seeing 30 or more Members eager to spend money at their business) 
Accelerating Rebates: Members receive accelerating Rebates as they redirect their spending to WSC Merchants. More shopping at Merchants = more Rebates. As membership increases, they experience accelerating Rebates for themselves and your NPO. Accelerating cash-back Rebates can exceed their monthly expenditures by hundreds and even thousands of dollars 
Opportunity for financial liberty: With the WSC’s proprietary Residual Rebate System©, Members have the opportunity to create financial liberty for themselves and their families allowing more time and money to do the things they want to do. 
Membership is willable and transferable: Members can assign their Rebates to heirs by amending their will or Letter of Wishes. 
Receiving Rebates: NPOs have the option to receive their Rebates in Mercatorcoin (XMC, the digital currency used by the Club). This is a choice the NPO will need to decide for itself. Just like WSC Members, NPOs may receive XMC and convert it to fiat currency once the Coinbase exchange is available in the near future 
If the NPO prefers to receive Rebates in fiat currency, they will need to open an account with SolidTrust Pay, the payment processor used by the Club.  
Knowledge they are helping you: It is very satisfying for Members to know that as they personally redeem accelerating Rebates, that they are providing passive funds in the form of Rebates to your NPO. Funds which can be used for your programs and, in turn, create positive community impact. 
Minimal time commitment: Members enjoy the convenience of shopping local for their everyday needs. There is no requirement to attend Club meetings and events. Their personal-shopping Rebates and their Residual Rebates are distributed each month. 

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