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Residual Rebate System©

What is the Residual Rebate System©?

When a Member chooses to personally invite people who become active Members–pay
their Membership Fees and generate a minimum $10USD in personal-shopping Rebates
– they redeem Residual Rebates based on the volume of shopping by active Members
within their Shopping Group.

Member participation in the Residual Rebate System© is completely voluntary. You have
the opportunity to redeem more in Rebates than what you spend each month!

What is a Rebate?
A Rebate is a reimbursement or refund often used as a marketing strategy, and a
popular tool used by businesses to promote their products and services.

How does it work?
Accepted globally, our unique, state-of-the-art Rebate Tracking System gives you cash
back on your everyday spending.  Present your personal Membership ID or QR Code to
WSC Merchants to verify your Membership.

Simply redirect some of your monthly spending from big-box stores to WSC Merchants!

The system will automatically track your accumulated redeemed Rebates each month.
It’s all done for you.

The Worldwide Shoppers Club is continually providing greater shopping diversity by
inviting more Merchants and Service Providers around the world to best accommodate
the shopping needs of our membership to accelerate Rebates.

The Ripple Effect
You have the option to invite new Members to both increase your Rebates and to ensure
that you always have three active Members whose generated Rebates reimburse your
membership fees.

Members may redeem personal-shopping Rebates and Residual Rebates from the
shopping of Members whom they invite to join. Accelerating Rebates can give you the
financial liberty to enjoy life.

Imagine the possibilities as your Shopping Group grows. As an active Global Member
with your completed Shopping Circle of 3 personally-invited active Members – and
Members in your Shopping Group also invite people who become active Members.

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