Why Become a Merchant  


Why Become A Merchant

Today, business owners spend large amounts of advertising dollars via traditional methods in the hopes that they will generate new business. In order to keep up with the times, Merchants must now enter the world of digital and mobile advertising. Why? Because 79% of consumers use their phones to find products and services. The Club provides its Merchants with an easy and economical way to get into the digital and mobile marketing world and have a captive and eager audience they can reach for FREE. This is what the WSC is all about.

Why Become a Merchant
The Worldwide Shoppers Club offers a loyalty program designed for small to medium-
sized businesses with no out-of-pocket expense or risk.

Our Members are looking for Merchants where they can shop! Our Members want to
redirect their spending from big-box stores to small local businesses. The Club can
increase your customer base without increasing your advertising costs.

Merchants Join for Free
You can build your presence via a free website page to promote your business and you
receive easy to use leading-edge technology and marketing tools for promotion. Also, our
dedicated small business loyalty program gives you the ability to gain a fair advantage in
the marketplace - with no out-of-pocket costs or risk.

There is No Risk to WSC Merchants
A small percentage of the sale that is defined by the Merchant, and what we call a Rebate
is paid after a Member purchases products or services from your business. Rebates are
tax deductible, and there is no out-of-pocket expense!

Merchants are in full control of the Rebate they offer and can change the % at any time.
Rebate percentages under 10% will need to be reviewed by the Club for approval.

As a Merchant, you do not spend a single advertising dollar to obtain this loyalty. Most
businesses have an advertising budget of 10-15% of their sales. Another advantage for
Merchants: tax-deductible Rebates can save you money.

rather than businesses looking for customers.

In the Worldwide Shoppers Club, Members are looking for Merchants 

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Y's Choice Wellness Centre is a merchant with WSC and we're excited to have been able to pay our 1st invoices...yeah, more rebates for our clients!
It was the easiest process...looked at the first invoice, clicked on the payment gateway and was able to include all of the invoices in one payment! Checked out the invoices a few minutes later and they all were stamped 'Invoice Paid'...it can't get any easier than that! Love WSC:))
Yvonne Affleck, Y's Choice Wellness Centre
"In my opinion, ...I Believe that this Club is the Light at the end of the Tunnel ...I have personally been affiliated in other Opportunities, but this one, is the one that has attracted the interest of my Children and their families  ...Together we are following the Light" ! 
Thank You Worldwide Shoppers Club!
Linda Peterson - Red Deer Alberta, Canada